Easter Bound

Finally after 2,5 months I am home :)


It has been a while, but so many things has happened…and I have no internet at home (thank you German T-Mobile).


I have some extra time to prepare for Easter and also for some rest after a super busy time at work.


This year’s Easter is gonna be different, we are going to have some special guests.


My bros are coming over from Hamburg to celebrate Easter with us.


They are Cali boys, so our super folk Polish Easter is gonna be a super fun experience for them :)


I got home on Saturday and the first thing I did, after visiting with my Family,  was go shopping!




And guess what?


We have KIKO at our mall now!


How cool is that???


I love their cosmetics.


They have really awesome nail polishes, and lipsticks. All kinds of funky, rich colors and factors.


I have not tried their concealers yet, but  I will have a chance to see is it better than Channel’s.


And the best is their price, their cosmetics that are made in Italy are very affordable :)


So I didn’t have to make a choice between colors, I could just buy all I wanted :)


You guys should try it and let me know what you think <3