Final move! Hamburg resident :)

It is not easy to find an apartment in Hamburg.

Let me tell ya. Especially, if you want to live in a nice, clean, super inexpensive location.

Things get harder if you want to take your Doggy with you.

But we were super lucky and I have found the perfect place in the heart of Altona.

Close to the river, bus station, s – bahn, pharmacies, stores, bakeries, and Ikea.

It’s a super nice, funky new apartment! It is on the top floor with an awesome terrace and super nice view.


Bryan is on a winter break, so he was able to come over with me for two weeks. Thank goodnes, I would not be able to do it by myself. He is such a good organizer and he is soooo strong and handsome!

Packing was not a challenge like the last time.

We packed everything we needed, put a couch and a table on the roof, then hit the road.

My parents prepared „layette” for us.


It took us around 10 hours to get to Hamburg and unpack. Did I mention that Bryan is an awesome driver and handsome???


I went to work right away and I had to suck it up to survive the day. 


The best thing is that we have Ikea right next door, so we can buy things, borrow a cart and just roll it 50 meters straight to the apartment.

We found some good deals at Ikea and bought some cool stuff, super cheap.


Now, it is time to start doing awesome things in Hamburg, and living the dream!